Fancy meeting you here.

May 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

New York Nightlife recently decided to play matchmaker in an (occasionally) booze-fueled social experiment. The result was  picking ten random participants, matching them up, recording their conversations and calling each person a week later to “get the lowdown.” See my personal favorite below.

A conversation between Diana Ebanks, marketing manager, and Robbie Tanis-Evon, sales associate

8:39 p.m. at Southern Hospitality
Robbie: I like your dress.
Diana: Thanks. It’s, um, really comfortable.
Robbie: It’s terribly cute.
Diana: What are you doing here?
Robbie: Celebrating a friend’s birthday. What about you?
Diana: Ladies’ night out.
Robbie: Looks like trouble, if you ask me.
Diana: It is trouble. Once a week. At least.
Robbie: Are you going out to the beach this weekend?
Diana: I’m going to the Bahamas next week.
Robbie: Shut up!
Diana: So I went bathing-suit shopping this weekend.
Robbie: What’d you find? A bikini?
Diana: Nothing so far!
Robbie: What’s your plan B? Topless?
Diana: J.Crew is my backup plan.
Robbie: I would say go for topless.
Diana: What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas.
Robbie: Well, you hope!

A week later …

Robbie on Diana: She’s a sweet gal, but I’ve been with my boyfriend for 21 years. She’d be a great gal to go on vacation with.
Diana on Robbie: I loved him! When it’s the right time, I hope I end up with someone like Robbie—but straight.


Found via A Cup Of Jo.


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