Fancy meeting you here.

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New York Nightlife recently decided to play matchmaker in an (occasionally) booze-fueled social experiment. The result was  picking ten random participants, matching them up, recording their conversations and calling each person a week later to “get the lowdown.” See my personal favorite below.

A conversation between Diana Ebanks, marketing manager, and Robbie Tanis-Evon, sales associate

8:39 p.m. at Southern Hospitality
Robbie: I like your dress.
Diana: Thanks. It’s, um, really comfortable.
Robbie: It’s terribly cute.
Diana: What are you doing here?
Robbie: Celebrating a friend’s birthday. What about you?
Diana: Ladies’ night out.
Robbie: Looks like trouble, if you ask me.
Diana: It is trouble. Once a week. At least.
Robbie: Are you going out to the beach this weekend?
Diana: I’m going to the Bahamas next week.
Robbie: Shut up!
Diana: So I went bathing-suit shopping this weekend.
Robbie: What’d you find? A bikini?
Diana: Nothing so far!
Robbie: What’s your plan B? Topless?
Diana: J.Crew is my backup plan.
Robbie: I would say go for topless.
Diana: What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas.
Robbie: Well, you hope!

A week later …

Robbie on Diana: She’s a sweet gal, but I’ve been with my boyfriend for 21 years. She’d be a great gal to go on vacation with.
Diana on Robbie: I loved him! When it’s the right time, I hope I end up with someone like Robbie—but straight.


Found via A Cup Of Jo.


The great outdoors.

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Sorry for the lack of posting, but this is what I’ve been doing lately.

Poster by Hollie Chastain found on Design Crush.

Coffee time.

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This is how my coffee should come every morning.

Coffee Time from wan-tzu on Vimeo. Via/Swiss Miss

Numbers and Nature

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Have you ever seen this video? This visual depiction of math found in nature is truly astonishing. While it has made the blog rounds a few times, I always forget how awesome it is.

And while watching the video is inspiring, nothing is as good as seeing the real thing. Here are a few shots from this past weekend at the Albany Tulip Fest. (And if you’re in the Albany area this week, make sure to stop by and see the beds in Washington Park.)

To see more images, visit my Flickr stream.

Subway spotting

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Harajuku girlaThere is never a dull experience on the New York City subway. Say hello to my first, live harajuku girl experience.

“Justice has been done.”

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The words of President Barack Obama after announcing the death of Osama bin Laden. Congratulations to our men and women in uniform.

You can read a full report and see more pictures here.

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